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PVA distributor in China

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PVA(Precision Valve & Automation)is located in Halfmoon, New York, approximately 15 miles north of the state capital of Albany.  Founded in 1991 by company president Tony Hynes, PVA first became experts in dispensing valve technology before introducing automation a year later.  PVA currently has demo and service centers in the USA (PVA-HQ), Europe, UK, Brazil, Juarez Mexico, and China.  PVA has representatives in over 30 countries and employs 88 global employees.
PVA specializes in dispensing solutions for conformal coatings, solder pastes, single and dual-component potting compounds, bonding adhesives, and cyanoacrylates.
It was pleasure that MITSUDEN became PVA’s distributor in China from September 2007. We are confident to provide our quality service to the customers in Great China.

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